Meet the Officers

Penn State’s Turf Club Officers are elected each fall and serve in their respective positions for the subsequent calendar year.


Kyle Masters

Vice President

Landon Hall

Vice President

Benjamin Rita


AJ Wile


About Us

#WEARE Leaders in the Turfgrass Industry

What we do

We promote the turfgrass industry through a
variety of activities


We host numerous leaders in the turfgrass industry at our weekly seminar series


We recognize turfgrass professionals for their leadership in the industry via our Article of the Year Award.

Official Merchandise

The Penn State Turf Club is the official suppliers of Penn State Turfgrass merchandise.

Student Activities

The Penn State Turf Club supports student activities including the Turf Bowl Competitions and philanthropic efforts.


  • “The leadership exhibited by members of the Penn State Turf Club means that the future of the turfgrass industry is in good hands.”

    John Kaminski, Professor of Turfgrass Science

  • “Being invited to speak to students in the Penn State Turf Club is always one of my highlights of the year.”

    Mark Kuhns, Baltusrol Golf Club

  • “The Penn State Turf Club Luncheon held annually at the Golf Turf Conference is a testament to the students’ networking capabilities.”

    Frank Dobie, The Sharon Club

  • “Having the opportunity to host the students at Oakmont and show them all that we do is a great opportunity for our team to recruit future leaders.”

    David Delsandro, Oakmont Country Club

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